Gildas Malandain, founder of Kierunek Francja Gildas Malandain


Avoiding outsourcing

"From my experience, standard products from Poland are to be sold on the French and EU market if price is low and quantity high. In this case, the commercial relation often looks like subcontracting. In other words, it sounds like offshoring or basically relocating production in a country where labour is basically cheaper."

Technologies from verified suppliers

"By contrast, non-standard and tailor-made solutions or products under EU law protection are likely to generate higher unit margin and profits for you, buyers or brokers, and cheaper solutions for you, end-users, based in France or other EU country."

Close relationship with Polish tech suppliers

"Hence my idea to identify French or other EU tech distributors likely to try and check Polish tech providers already done with successful solutions at home. In other words, my idea is to become a kind of on-line commercial agent promoting transnational tech businesses made in Poland. And also be close to those tech providers, for me to feel trust or not with each of them and share this trust with you. That's why I created the "Kierunek Francja" company ("Direction France" in Polish language).

A long term relationship with you, tech users

"Our company supports tech distributors, investors or basically purchasers in their tech procurement process. And find tech suppliers or solution providers that do fit with your technical requirements."

Who said that

Gildas Malandain, founder of Kierunek Francja and on-line transnational commercial agent

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

  • Get your technological supplies secured
  • Find out an alternative to Asian suppliers
  • Go beyond cultural, linguistic and legal barriers
  • Build confidence with European suppliers
  • Ask for support to a French intermediary based locally
  • You are our customer. So please be demanding with us!
  • Our business model is straightforward: you need a business partner?: Then you pay vs. You receive an offer from our business partner: No worry, you won't be charged.
  • Reach out technology providers good enough for French market

    Reach out Polish tech suppliers or solution providers


    1. OUTBOUND - direct contact (phoning to selected firms)
    2. INBOUND - be visible on the web (blog, social media, B2B market portals)

    Matching your technical requirements

    1. If needed, matching technical specifications with supplier's capacity or adjusting the product to EU or local norms, regulations and market needs
    2. Spreading your RFI and RFP documents and select best potential suppliers
    3. Agree with suppliers on common technical Terms of Reference and delays


    1. with new supplier
    2. with new subsidiary (acquisition)
    IoT technologies for Smart Cities


    I come from France and I basically studied in Poland where I have been living since then...

    15 years working on binational projects between French and Polish stakeholders. 7 years coordinating IT projects moderating customers' needs with production capabilities.

    The company "KIERUNEK FRANCJA" was primarily founded in 2017 towards French-speaking customers of IoT solutions that have been designed and implemented in Poland first, and afterwards in France.

    References with tech companies

    Polish tech current clients and references

    Gildas Malandain is a commercial agent appointed by:

    SMA MAGNETICS : manufacturer of chokes, supply, current transformers

    BLUE ENERGY, Cyberdefense solutions : Security Operation Center as a Service ie SOCaaS, penetration tests, log monitoring

    SCAN IT : network access control software provider

    Nextep Technologies : energy monitoring solutions (assets)

    References (from oldest to newest)

    Market Analysis of Polish cast producers - LEGALLAIS S.A.S. (DIY company)

    Close cooperation with Nextep Technologies' French investor (2017)

    Translation of product catalogs - ES-SYSTEM S.A.

    EU market development - RFID solution provider (5 months, 2018)

    French market development - SaaS company (3 months, 2019)

    Training of participants from Marocco - virtual platform dedicated to joining the Fresh Market 2020 virtual fair.

    Partnership with institutions in Poland

    technological clusters

    public fund rising consultancies with focus on technologies

    Targi Kielce, major international fairs in Poland


    Synergy with one of the biggest international Fair in Poland

    Gildas Malandain is Targi Kielce official partner for you to become an exhibitor at one of those thematic fairs.synergy Targi Kielce-Techno Pol France

    Webinar dealing with exporting from Poland towards France

    Gildas Malandain had the opportunity to talk about how to tackle the French market and how Polish partners should approach it (in Polish language only).

    webinar international trade

    ITmatch – virtual IT/ICT day 2021 (May 25th, register until May 16th)

    Wanna meet new partners passionate in technologies? You like b2b match meetings? You are free on May 25th? Consider then participating in the ITmatch – virtual IT/ICT cooperation day 2021, organised by Polish, European, Asian and American institutions and Enterprise Europe Network. Book your day: May 25th and register here. Registration is open until May 16th. Don't miss the event!

    Source code as basis of any technology


    Internet of Things

    Energy monitoring, smart metering, pollution measurement & smog detection

    Industry 4.0

    Renewable energies, e-mobility, RFID, 3D modeling, 3D printing, operational management

    Data security

    Data encryption, server procedures and management


    Fintech, Compliance, e-Health

    Public administration

    e-administration, e-voting, digital scanning of land registration

    Artificial intelligence

    Data processing with data from content, sensors or images :
    machine learning, bots
    smart metering, smart lighting, smart city
    air quality measurement, drones
    store check management
    decision-making tools

    Technical translations and communication support

    Included services: translations

    You won't be charged for below described services as the aim remains the same: our customers' satisfaction.

    Organisational and legal support

    • Organizing business meetings and visits of technological centers or plants
    • Consulting in commercial law (contracting)
    • Tax consulting and R&D tax incentives
    • Project management

    Written translations: English-Polish-French

    • commercial offers
    • technical specifications or drawings
    • declaration of conformity CE
    • websites
    • softwares
    • product data sheets
    • catalogs
    • brochures
    • instructions
    • commercial contracts

    Proof reading

    Interpreting services

    Included services: interpretation

    You won't be charged for below described services as the aim remains the same: our customer's satisfaction

    Interpretation French Polish English

    On-line consecutive interpretation

      Interpreting French Polish

      Interpreting French English

      Interpreting Polish English

      Training users on new platforms (eg. exhibitors registered at virtual trade fair portal)